Saidye Bronfman Award
Sandra Brownlee, Unusual Animals #5, 1983, linen and silk, 38.5 cm x 38.5 cm, collection of Jann Rosen-Queralt. Photo: Jack Ramsdale
Sandra Brownlee
Photo: Aaron McKenzie Fraser

"I am a very tactile person. My touch and all my senses is how I access my ideas, feelings and knowledge."

Sandra Brownlee

Intimate and intuitive, Sandra Brownlee’s works are tactile records of an inner journey that hold universal meanings for us all.

For over 40 years she has been “drawing” and “writing” her thoughts and ideas using stitches, simple materials and tools in a limited palette of black and white. Her medium is decidedly low-tech; her creative process a ritual. She finds focus in the act of weaving – grounded by touch and guided by improvisation. The result is stream-of-conscious weavings: rows of stitching, layers of textures, progressively building up to become exquisite textiles and notebook works that offer us powerful connection to the artist.

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